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Chicago 17th B: Websites

Chicago 17th B


Entire website


 Owning Organisation. Year. Title of Website. URL.

Reference list examples


Government of Western Australia. n.d. Perth Zoo. Accessed March 12, 2018.

WWF. 2019. Conservation in Action.


Webpage on a website


 Author Surname, First Name(s) or Organisation Name. Year. "Title of Webpage." Owning Organisation. URL.

Reference list examples


Hill, Braden, Bep Uink, Dameyon Bonson, Jennifer Dodd, and Sian Bennett. 2021. "New Research Shows How Indigenous LGBTQ+ People Don't Feel Fully Accepted by Either Community." The Conversation.


DET (Department of Education and Training). 2016. "Improving Australian and European Mobility." Australian Government. 


DevelopmentWA. n.d. “Elizabeth Quay.” Government of Western Australia. Accessed March 8, 2016.

Hansen, Jeff. 2019. "Coming Together in Times of Crisis." Sea Shepherd.





 Author Surname, First Name(s). Year. "Title of Lecture." Format. URL.

Reference list examples


Leaver, Tama. 2012. "Social Media Rivers." iLecture.

Richardson, Christine. 2015. "RDA Management." PowerPoint slides.