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How to Find


We have now launched UniSkills, a suite of programs designed to help develop the skills you need for academic study. This site will be redirected later in semester so discover our new guide now!


Looking for something different?

There will be times when you're looking for information that you're not going to find in journal articles. This guide will give you some tips on the best places to look for different types of information, as well as strategies that will improve your searching success.

Use the menu on the left to select the kinds of resources you're trying to find (or learn more about).

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Looking for journal articles?

If you are trying to find journal articles, this guide might not be so helpful. Instead, check out:

Finding Journal Articles offers plenty of tips to get you started. It starts at the beginning, so if you're not really sure what an academic journal article is  (and we've all been there!) the guide provides definitions, tips for searching, and the best places to look.​

Systematic Approaches to Literature Review Searching is a guide designed for a more experienced researcher. You know the databases and you're already using Boolean commands like a pro, but you're looking for ways to make your searching more effective.

Evaluating information found online

Some of the information types found in the left-hand column will not be considered scholarly material. Make sure you evaluate any information you find online to ensure that it is accurate, trustworthy, and suitable for inclusion in your assignments.