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Tests and exams


The key to doing well in your exams and tests is all in the preparation. Watch the video below for some inspiration from fellow students.


Multiple choice test tips

The learning process


To be successful in tests and exams you need to learn your subject. Making notes is an integral part of successful study and learning. The Cornell System of note taking and note making incorporates the 6R’s method. The 6R’s are record, review, refine, reduce, recall, and reflect. Learn more in the activity below.


Exam tips

Open book exams

The purpose of open book exams is to test your ability to quickly find relevant information and then for you to demonstrate your understanding of the relevance of this information to your answer. 

You need to study for an open-book exam as much as for any other type of exam or test, but you don’t have to memorise lengthy text. You do, however, need to know about and understand the information within the text, before the exam.

What you can have with you for an Open-book exam varies:

  • Own notes;
  • Text books;
  • Journal articles;
  • Equipment such as calculators, models, drafting kit.