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Study Habits

Study Habits

Managing study, work, exercise, hobbies, family and social life is challenging but the biggest hurdle is usually procrastination and poor planning. Building good study habits and learning to manage your time now will benefit not only your university life but also your working life beyond university. You need to know yourself. Everybody needs to plan and prioritise but how detailed that plan is and how you go about sticking to it will depend on what you need. So take an honest look at yourself and your current habits. Being in the moment (also called mindfulness) as you go about any task will also help you stay on track.
There are many Apps available now to help you schedule, be efficient and be mindful - have a scout around and try some out. Getting yourself on track may be as simple as setting a timer.

Break Down Goals

Having goals is a good way to motivate yourself. But a goal like ‘do well in my degree” can seem far reaching. Break the goal down into smaller goals like “pass this unit”. Mini-goals will further break down into tasks such as completing an assignment. Tasks such as assignments can seem unattainable too when viewed as a whole and can prevent you getting started.
Breaking down goals and tasks into manageable mini-goals and tasks will help you get started and achieve them. Tick them off the list and reward yourself when you achieve a mini-task or goal!
In this activity, place the mini-tasks for writing an assignment into the correct order.

Good Study Habits