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Chicago 17th B: Journal and news articles

Chicago 17th B

Journal and news articles

Journal article


Author Surname, First Name(s). Year. "Article Title." Journal Title in Italics Volume Number (Issue Number): Page Range. or URL.

Reference list examples


Burns, Timothy. 2015. “Philosophy and Poetry: A New Look at an Old Quarrel.” The American Political Science Review 109 (2): 326-338. 


Foley, Gary, and Tim Anderson. 2006. "Land Rights and Aboriginal Voices." Australian Journal of Human Rights 12 (1): 83-108. 


Lane, Rod, and Simon Catling. 2016. “Preservice Primary Teachers’ Depth and Accuracy of Knowledge of Tropical Cyclones.” Journal of Geography 115 (5): 198-211.


Thomas, M’Balia, Alisa L. Russell, and Hannah V. Warren. 2018. “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of the Pedagogy in Harry Potter: An Inquiry into the Personal Practical Knowledge of Remus Lupin, Rubeus Hagrid, and Serverus Snape.” The Clearing House: A Journal of Educational Strategies, Issues and Ideas 91 (4-5): 186-192.


Advanced publication, supplements and article numbers


Journal article - Advanced online publication

Kappes, Andreas, and Gabriele Oettingen. 2014. "The Emergence of Goal Pursuit: Mental Contrasting Connects Future and Reality." Journal of Experimental Social Psychology (forthcoming).


Journal article published in a supplement

Stoody, Eve E., Joanne M. Spahn, and Kellie O. Casavale. 2019. "The Pregnancy and Birth to 24 Months Project: A Series of Systematic Reviews on Diet and Health." The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 109 (Suppl.1): S685-S697. 


Journal article with an article number/eLocator

Pedersen, Pil Birkefeldt Moller, Joanna B. Olsen, Brody Sandel, and Jens-Christian Svenning. 2019. "Wild Steps in a Semi-Wild Setting? Habitat Selection and Behavior of European Bison Reintroduced to an Enclosure in an Anthropogenic Landscape." PLOS ONE 14 (11): e0198308. 


Newspaper or magazine article


Author Surname, First Name(s). Year. "Title of Article." Newspaper/Magazine Title in Italics, Month Day, Year. URL. 



Reference list examples


Haberman, Maggie, and Peter Baker. 2017. "In Call with Times Reporter, Trump Projects Air of Calm Over Charges." New York Times, November 1, 2017.


Morris, Linda, Nick Galvin, and Megan Gorrey. 2019. " 'Scandalous': Walsh Bay Arts Precinct Revamp Stalls." Sydney Morning Herald, August 15, 2019.


Weekend Edition Saturday. 2015. “Fairytales Exist: Migrants Get a Football Team of Their Own.” May 9, 2015.