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APA 7th Referencing UniSkills: Websites

APA 7th referencing


Entire website


No reference list entry is required. 


  • If citing from a particular page on a website, use the Webpage on a website reference type
  • When referring to a whole website, provide the URL of that website in-text. For example, The Department of Health website ( provides travel health information. 

Webpage on a website


Author Surname, Initial(s) or Organisation. (year). Title of webpage in italics. Site name. URL


Reference list examples 

Department of Education and Training. (2016). Improving Australian and European mobility.

DevelopmentWA. (n.d.). Elizabeth Quay.

Hansen, J. (2019). Coming together in times of crisis. Sea Shepherd.



Webpage on a news website


Author Surname, Initial(s). (year, Month day). Title of article in italics. Site Name. URL

Reference list examples

In the former capital of pro-slavery America, Confederate statues are coming down. (2020, July 2). SBS News.

MacLennan, L. (2019, October 25). Michael McIntyre ticket scalping highlights need for onselling crackdown. ABC News. 


Online dictionary or encyclopedia entry (e.g. Wikipedia)


Author Surname, Initial(s) or Organisation. (year). Title of entry. In Title of dictionary or encyclopedia in italics. Publisher Name. Retrieved Month day, year from URL

Reference list examples

Ecology. (n.d.). In Wikipedia. Retrieved March 15, 2020, from

Merriam-Webster. (n.d.). Behaviorism. In dictionary. Retrieved November 20, 2019 from 




Author Surname, Initial(s). (year). Title of lecture in italics [Format]. Site name. URL

Reference list examples

Leaver, T. (2012). Social media rivers [iLecture]. Blackboard.

Richardson, C. (2015). RDA management [PowerPoint slides]. Blackboard.