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CMHL1000: Find statistics

Foundations for Professional Health Practice



For your assignment, you may be required to find and report on relevant statistics related to the health funding system or health issue of Australia and/or another country. Using statistics in your assignments can strengthen your argument by providing supporting evidence for your work.


When searching for statistics, bear in mind that you may not always be able to find the exact data you are looking for as:


  1. It takes time to collect and publish statistical data, so you may not be able to find the most current statistics on your topic
  2. The data may have never been collected
  3. The data may be held privately and not available to the public.


It is a good idea to consider other alternative measures to support your research.


Where to find statistics


Statistical data is not always easy to locate as as there is no one single source for this type of information. Most statistics are published by national or state government agencies. However they can also be found in scholarly journals, reports, websites, books and databases.


The websites below can help you find the sources of statistical information required.


Australian statistics



International statistics


How to find statistics


You can find statistics in a number of ways:


  • When you are searching for statistics in a database, try adding the term statistics to your search:

heart disease AND Germany AND statistics


  • You can also try searching using other keywords related to statistics such as incidence OR prevalence OR epidemiology

heart disease AND incidence OR prevalence OR epidemiology AND Germany


  • If you are having trouble finding statistics for a particular country, try searching for the broader region:

heart disease AND statistics AND Europe


Note: It may be difficult to find accurate statistics for some developing countries. International agencies such as the World Health Organisation or United Nations may offer statistics for these countries based on their research or projections.


How to reference statistics


Statistics should be cited just like any other source you consult. When reproducing statistics in the form of charts, graphs and tables, you will need to reference these in accordance with the appropriate referencing style for your unit. Check out the Library's APA 7th Tables & Figures guide for information on how to reference statistics in your text and in the reference list.