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CMHL1000: Find reports

Foundations for Professional Health Practice

What is a government report?


A Government report is a formal document authored by a panel of experts, and issued by any governmental authority. There are various types of government reports but for the purpose of this unit, you may want to use the following types of research reports:


How do I know it is a government report?


The following questions can help you identify if a publication is a government report:


  1. Is it authored by a government body, department or agency?
  2. Is there a government logo on the report?
  3. Is it referred to as a report? (e.g. in the title, foreword/introduction)



Source: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. (2014). Hospitalised injury in older Australians, 2011-12 (Injury Research and Statistics Series no. 90, Cat. no. INJCAT 166).

Finding government reports on the web


Government departments mainly publish their reports online. It is best to check out the Government department or agency website to search for reports.

The following websites are useful sources for Australian health reports:


How to search for reports


Search engines such as Google are useful when searching for reports. Most reports will be published online in PDF form, so it's helpful to limit your results by file type:


  • health funding AND Australia filetype:pdf will search for PDFs on health funding in Australia
  • health funding Australia filetype:pdf will search for PDFs of government websites on health funding in Australia


Note: Google searches will often return large numbers of results, so consider using the Advanced Search option and limiting your search by date (e.g. last 5/10 years) etc.

How to reference a report


You will find information on how to reference reports in the APA 7th referencing guide, under the section 'Reports and grey literature'

Evaluating online resources & effective internet searching


It is important that you evaluate the information you discover on the internet. The guide below will give you some tips on how to search effectively and how to evaluate the information you find online.