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CMHL1000: Find journal articles

Foundations for Professional Health Practice

Journal articles


Journal articles are excellent sources of information for assignments. They are usually the first place where new research is published, and are often more up to date than information published in books.


To find scholarly journal articles or peer-reviewed journal articles for your topic, you will need to search the library catalogue or a relevant database.


Search the library catalogue


The library catalogue is a good place to start as it searches multiple databases simultaneously. It covers most, but not all of the library's holdings.

Use the keywords identified in the creation of your search strategy to begin your search.


Watch the video below to learn how to search the catalogue.


Search a database


The library provides access to a large number of databases. It is important that you search in databases that are relevant to your topic or subject area. For this unit, we recommend that you start searching the ProQuest database, using the keywords from your topic.


Watch the video below to learn how to search the ProQuest database. Then use your keywords to search for journal articles on your topic.





Other relevant databases


You may also find the following databases useful for searching on your topic:




Search tip!


If the database you are searching does not provide access to the fulltext of the article, use the 'Find it'  button (in red) to see if the fulltext article is available in another database.