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Introduction to Qualtrics: Home

Introduction to Qualtrics


Welcome to the Introduction to Qualtrics module. This module provides an introduction to creating and distributing a survey using the online tool Qualtrics, and uses the example of creating a travel preferences survey to demonstrate concepts. The idea is that you can then apply these same concepts to create your own survey.

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What you will learn

  • How to add and edit questions in a survey, organising them into blocks as required
  • How to use question behaviour, including display and skip logic
  • How to customise a survey by piping words, phrases or values
  • How to customise the end of the survey
  • How to customise the flow of the survey, including through the use of branch logic and embedded data
  • How to edit the look and feel of the survey
  • How to add scoring and email triggers to a survey, and how to set up quotas
  • How to publish and distribute a survey

Using Qualtrics

If you are a Curtin staff member or student, you can access your Curtin Qualtrics by logging in with your Curtin ID and password here (if not, you can create a free account here). Once you have done this, you can use the document below to work through the key features of the software.