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Writing: Essay structure


Essay Structure

Follow this structure to write your essay.

Essay structure image/svg+xml Essay structure A diagrammatic view of the structure of essay introductory paragraphconcludingparagraph middle paragraphsRESTATETHESISPREMISE 1PREMISE 2PREMISE 3STATETHESISargument

Paragraph structure

Work through these activities to look at paragraph and essay structure.

It is the middle paragraphs that support your thesis statement and constitute the argument of the essay. Once you have developed your argument through the middle paragraphs, you are better able to write an opening paragraph (the introduction) that positions the reader to engage with your argument.

A middle paragraph structure is similar to the overall essay structure with the middle sentences forming the body of the paragraph.

Cohesion and transition

One way to create cohesion between sentences is by using transition markers. Transition markers are words or phrases used to link sentences and paragraphs and to help the reader follow the direction of your argument.

Faulty transitions

Only use transitions when you need to. If the logical relationship between sentences is already clear you don't need one.

If you use a transition marker, ensure it represents/articulates the relationship that exists between the two sentences it connects.