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Writing: Introduction



When you have analysed your assignment question, found, read, evaluated and taken notes from quality sources, you are ready to start writing. Once you have done some writing you need to return to the research process and rework your initial thesis statement.

You need to put together or synthesise your ideas with those you have found in your sources, while acknowledging (or referencing) the ideas of others, which you will write in your own voice. Remember there is often more than one interpretation or approach to a topic.


Always keep your intended audience and what they require in mind;

You will improve your academic writing by reading good academic writing



What you will learn

1. How to organise your ideas before you start writing 

2. The different styles of writing and what you should use in your assignments

3. The structure and mechanics of writing sentences

4. How to use punctuation effectively

5. The different elements involved in writing an essay

6. How to edit and proofread your assignment