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Publish and Disseminate Research


Academics are frequently evaluated on their research output and list of publications. In order to maximise the impact of your research it is important to:

  • select an appropriate format and media
  • ensure it will reach the target audience

This guide provides information and resources on sharing research findings in the most appropriate manner for your discipline and subject matter.

Why you need a publishing strategy

Apart from the need to establish the credentials of the publication/publisher within its field of endeavour, the following should be carefully considered prior to commencement of the paper.

  • May only be permitted to submit a document to one journal at any time.
  • The acceptance rate for submissions can vary from 5% to 95%.
  • Allow time to rework or response to reviewers comments.
  • Turnabout time is critical as it may be several months resulting in 1 to 2 years interval until publication.
  • Wide dissemination of material is vital to increase citations.
  • Open access helps to maximise awareness of your work.

First of a 13-part Scholarly publishing series created by University of Queensland Library.

University requirements

  • Australian Universities are required by the federal government to collate and submit their research output via Excellence in Research Australia (ERA), an assessment system administered by the Australian Research Council (ARC).
  • The Research Office at Curtin (ROC) collects information on ERA eligible publications annually, and based upon the number of publications deemed to be quality, disseminates Operational Research Support (ORS) funding to organisational units to support research activity.
  • The ERA requirements together with the quality practices of the relevant discipline, should be considered when determining the most appropriate forum for disseminating your particular research findings.