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How to Find

What are standards?

"Standards are voluntary documents that set out specifications, procedures and guidelines that aim to ensure products, services, and systems are safe, consistent and reliable. They cover a variety of subjects, including consumer products and services, the environment, construction, energy and water utilities, and more" (Standards Australia).

Why use standards?

Standards "ensure the quality and consistency of products and services..." (Standards Australia). Standards aim to uncover best practice approaches in a range of different fields, from food safety to farming, to medicine, prioritising safety and quality. They are often referenced in government legislation and provide guidelines on how to approach different tasks. 

Want to know more? Watch this video, created by the International Standards Organisation, on what standards do for you

Where can I find standards?

The Library provides access to both Australian and International standards via the following databases:


If you are a staff member or postgraduate student, and you can't access the standard you need, please contact your Faculty Librarian for further assistance. 

Accessing Standards through Standards online (SAI Global) database

From the 1st July 2020, Curtin students and staff will be required to personally register with SAI Global to download, print, save or view a standard. You will be prompted to create this account after you have performed your search, located the standard you wish to access, and selected the Open document link.   

When creating an account, you should use your Curtin-supplied email address as you are accessing the database through the Curtin subscription. If you are not sure about what your Curtin email address is, use your student ID followed by

The Library only has three licenses to access Standards. If they are all in use, you will need to attempt to access the Standard again at another time. Ensure that you always log out of the database as soon as you are finished so that others may be able to access the information they need. 

Having issues accessing Standards? 

There are problems with viewing Standards if using the SAI Global database in Google Chrome. If you find that your Standard does not load after you have logged in, exit the database and try again in another browser (the Library recommends Firefox).