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Health Sciences hub: Home


Introduction to health and medical resources

This guide provides an introduction to the specialised library resources available for health, medicine and psychology. Includes anatomy & physiology databases, drug resources, point-of-care tools, psychological tests, the DSM-5 and online video collections.


Evidence based practice in health sciences

This introductory guide provides an overview of evidence based practice in the health sciences. It covers how to develop a clinical question, how and where to search for evidence, and critical appraisal tools.


Systematic reviews

This guide outlines the process of conducting a systematic review in the health and social sciences. It covers: how to develop a well formed clinical question using PICO, how and where to conduct a comprehensive literature search to identify all studies related to the question, use of critical appraisal tools, and reporting on search strategies.


Finding qualitative research in the health sciences

This guide provides an introduction to qualitative research in the health sciences. It outlines how and where to search for qualitative studies, how to search health databases using qualitative subject headings, and provides information on qualitative systematic reviews.




Become a SuperSearcher in health sciences

This video series for postgraduate students and staff shows how to create a search strategy and search library databases, demonstrates searches in ProQuest and Medline, and outlines how to save your search and keep up-to-date with alerts.