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Strategic Publishing

Publishing Power Hours videos

Publishing Power Hours is an annual workshop series run by the Library, focussing on important publishing information for Curtin authors.

Videos and workshop materials from the latest series can be found below. 

Publishing Power Hour 1: Publishing in quality journals

Publishing Power Hour 2: Predatory journals and (Un)ethical publishing

Publishing Power Hour 3: Open Access publishing

Publishing Power Hour 4: Publishing your research data

Publishing Power Hour 5: Publishing your software code

Publishing Power Hour 6: Publishing copyright essentials

Publishing Power Hour 7: Getting your article published

Publishing Power Hour 8: Making EndNote work for you and your publications

Publishing Power Hour 9: Measuring the impact of your research publications

Publishing Power Hour 10: Preprints

Other Curtin videos

These recordings are on Echo360 and are only available to current Curtin staff and students:

  • Thesis by compilation
    An August 2021 presentation by Professor Christopher Reid, Dean Graduate Studies, on the current guidelines for a thesis by compilation at Curtin University. The presentation includes the supervisor perspectives of Professors Kliti Grice and Charlie Ironside, as well as the student perspective of recent graduate Rene Forsyth. [1:10]
  • How to publish in Nature and Science
    Faculty of SAE Nature and Science Workshop 2021 - speakers in engineering, astronomy and life sciences provide case studies on how they were able to publish in Nature or Science. [1:20]
  • Curtin Conversations - a discussion about publishing choices
    A panel discussion held in 2018 with Garry Allison, Kate Trinajstic, Fran Ackerman and Dora Marinova where different faculty perspectives on publishing are discussed [1:29]
  • Curtin Conversations - Open Access success stories
    A panel discussion held in 2020 with Catherine Clark, Mark Ogden, John Phillimore, Katie Wilson and Daniel Gucciardi, highlighting how academics in different disciplines have used Open Access publishing to their advantage [1:23]
  • Choosing quality publications in Science and Engineering
    Two discipline specific workshops held in 2019 to discuss publishing patterns in engineering and science disciplines [Science 1:35, Engineering 1:35]