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What is non-traditional research output?

Non-traditional research outputs tagcloud

Non-traditional research output word cloud by Curtin Library


Non-traditional output comprises of a wide variety of outputs that differ in form and mode from the traditional outputs such as books, journal articles, theses and conference publications derived from the creator's research. They are not typically published in the traditional sense and are often intangible.


Non-Traditional Research Outputs (NTROs) are considered eligible research output types for ERA. More information is available on the ERA website.

While the works themselves may be the output of research, the expectation that the research component is articulated is the same as in a traditional research outputs, but is achieved through a Research Statement identifying the research component. A research statement should address:

  • research background: field, context research question
  • research contribution: innovation, new knowledge 
  • research significance: evidence of excellence

Specific disciplines in the ERA discipline matrix have been identified as disciplines which produce non-traditional research outputs.