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Publish and Disseminate Research

Which conference?

Conferences allow for sharing of information and recent research and networking. Presenting at a conference will increase the exposure of your research and provide an opportunity for feedback.

Find a conference
Upcoming conferences or calls for papers may be found online at:

Subject or discipline-specific information may also be available:

Evaluate the quality
Some factors to consider when evaluating quality include the:

  • Impact of previous papers (through citation counts)
  • History or longevity of the conference
  • Relationship to industry
  • Submission and acceptance rates

To conference? Or not to conference?
Conferences provide benefits associated with networking and opportunities to discuss your work in real-time with peers. However, in many disciplines conference publications are not considered as highly as other forms of dissemination.

Discipline practices and the quality of the conference and conference publications should be a consideration when attending a conference.

Make the paper available

Papers from a conference may be collated into the conference proceedings. This may be published as a book, special issue of a journal, or a serial.

Make your paper open access

  • Deposit a copy of your paper into an institutional repository e.g. espace
  • See the Guide to espace for more information about Curtin espace
  • The Open Access Guide has more information on OA publishing options

Turn your conference paper into a journal article

  • If a conference proceeding is not published, rework the paper and publish it as a journal article.
  • Some journals may also accept previously published conference papers, with revision.
  • Also ensure that copyright has not been assigned to the conference organisers. It may be necessary to obtain written permission from the copyright holder to re-publish in a journal title.