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Publish and Disseminate Research

Publish your thesis

As the owner of the copyright of your thesis, it is important to consider how you might disseminate your research findings to a wider audience.

Research students are required to submit a digital copy of the final version to the Library. Where possible, an open access version of the thesis will appear in:

See the Guide to espace for more information on submitting your thesis.

Any approaches by commercial publishers to publish your thesis as is should be treated with caution.

Revise for commercial publication

Your thesis may provide a good starting point to publish a modified version.

From thesis to journal articles

  • Develop one or more chapters into a journal article, or series of articles.
  • Minor modifications to chapters that are self-contained e.g. a case study, to align with structure and standards of journal.
  • Identify the central theme or argument and write a new article, based on these ideas.

From thesis to monographs

  • Generally involves restructuring and reformatting and adding or removing content.
  • Necessary to make manuscript accessible to a broader readership.
  • This can be a very time consuming process (minimum 12 months).

Hybrid thesis and thesis by publication 

Present your thesis

Could you condense the years of study and research dedicated to your thesis into a succinct presentation for a general audience? This can be a fantastic way to develop your communication skills and look at things from a new perspective.

Three minute thesis is a competition developed by The University of Queensland that celebrates the diverse research conducted by research students in which students have 3 minutes to present their thesis. See the current Curtin students page for more information.