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ORCID and researcher identifiers

Uploading publications to ARC RMS

The ARC has recently made changes to grant applications with regards to how publications are uploaded to their site.You will no longer be able to upload publications as a PDF document.

Researchers can populate their research output into their ARC RMS profiles and application form using any of the following methods:

  • Linking an RMS account with an ORCID account and importing the research outputs from the 'Works' section of the user’s ORCID profile
  • Uploading a BibTeX file to RMS and doing a bulk upload  of the research output
  • Using a DOI to automatically harvest research output metadata and create a research output record
  • Adding research outputs manually within the RMS user profile

For more information, check the ARC RMS Auto-population of Research Outputs.

If you have any queries, please contact the ROC Relationships Team.

Using ORCID for RMS

If you are using ORCID to populate your RMS profile:

  • Ensure your ORCID record is up-to-date. If you do not have an ORCID, you are advised to register for an ORCID account. More information is available in this guide, on the Create an ORCID page.
  • During the registration process, set the visibility setting to ‘Everyone’ to ensure your works are visible to everyone.
  • Ensure you have linked your ORCID account in RMS and accepted the ARC as a ‘Trusted Party’.
  • If the publication appears in ORCID, but not RMS, check the ‘Citation’ field in ORCID - the DOI needs to appear in the ‘Citation’ field in ORCID in order to display in RMS.
  • Where more than one version of the same research output appears in your ORCID record, you can select to populate RMS with your ‘preferred source’.
  • Ensure the details of your publications in ORCID are correct before importing to RMS as you may not be able to edit the fields of records imported to RMS.

Note: For instructions on how to import publications from Elements to ORCID, see the guide below.


For information on how to auto-populate your RMS with ORCID, visit:                         


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How do I make my work the 'preferred source' in ORCID?

The same work can be added to your ORCID record from different sources such as Scopus, Web of Science, DataCite and more. The default version of the work shown on your record is the one you have selected as the preferred version. 

To see the other versions of your work or to select your 'preferred source':

  • Click on the number next to the Preferred source indicator.
  • Toggle between the different versions of the works by clicking on the source information
  • Click on Make preferred to select the version of work you want to display publicly.


For more information on selecting a preferred source and sorting publications in ORCID, refer to the ORCID site.