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ORCID and researcher identifiers

ORCID at Curtin

Do I need an ORCID?

Curtin research staff are strongly encouraged to create and set-up and ORCID ID and connect this to Elements, the University's Publications Management System.  

Curtin HDR students are required to provide their ORCID on application for Candidacy.       

Curtin aims for all research staff and students to be well-prepared for publishing their research and to receive recognition for their scholarly works.      

Connecting ORCID with Elements


  • Connecting ORCID with Elements allows Elements to use ORCID as a source for automatic claiming
  • Your ORCID  can be used to claim matched records from sources such as Scopus, Web of Science and PubMed. 
  • Your ORCID ID will be displayed in the profile section of Elements.
  • It is essential to provide your ORCID to publishers to include with the metadata when publishing an article for these processes to work. 

*Casual and Sessional staff do not have access to Elements so there is no need to add your ORCID to Elements.


How to connect ORCID to Elements?

To create or connect your ORCID via Elements, view the 30 second video above or refer to the instructions below.

Off-campus staff will need VPN access to successfully access Elements.

Setting up VPN for MS Windows

Setting up VPN for Mac


Connect ORCID to Elements

You can connect your Elements profile to ORCID from your Elements account.


  • Log in to Elements.
  • Under My Actions click on the link to Add ORCID.


  • Sign-in using your ORCID credentials. If you have not set up your ORCID, you can click on the link to Register now


  • Authorise Elements to connect to ORCID if prompted, and your ORCID will connect to Elements.


• To confirm your Elements profile is connected to ORCID from within Elements navigate to Menu > Manage > Publications > Automatic  claiming.
• Under External profiles click on the ORCID ID symbol. If your ORCID is connected then it will display as ‘connection status configured’.

Once you have connected your ORCID to Elements  it is essential to provide your ORCID to publishers when publishing an article so it can be included in the article's metadata. 

Export publications from Elements to ORCID

You can import your whole publication list from Elements to ORCID via a BibTeX file.

Step 1: Log in to Elements

  • Ensure you have claimed all your publications in Elements.
  • To export your whole publication list, use the 'Export' button and select 'Export to BibTeX' and save the file on your computer.

Step 2: Sign in to your ORCID account

  • Under the 'Works' section of your ORCID record, select 'Add works' >> 'Import BibTeX'
  • Select the BibTeX file yo wish to import
  • From the import list you can choose to ‘Save all’ or individually remove publications that you do not wish to appear in your ORCID profile.

Detailed instructions can be found in the guide below.

Learn more

I have connected my ORCID to Elements but some of my publications on ORCID are not displaying in Elements.

Linking your ORCID with Elements will not retrieve publications from ORCID to populate your Elements profile. Elements will use the data from the ORCID records for verification purposes to help improve your Elements profile. Additionally, Elements will not be able to populate your ORCID.