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Open Access

Discover more about open access, main issues and concerns, copyright and other available publishing options

Digital research repositories

Where research has been published in a subscription-based journal, open access may be achieved by depositing the research to a digital repository. This self-archiving of published material into a digital research repository is often referred to as green open access.

  • An institutional repository collects the research output from a research institution e.g. espace, which is Curtin University’s repository.
  • Some repositories are discipline-specific e.g. arXiv for physics, PubMed Central for biomedical and life sciences, RePEc for economics or the Social Science Research Network.

Repositories are not peer-reviewed, instead hosting articles that have been peer-reviewed e.g. postprints (post-refereed accepted manuscripts) and theses. Some repositories also include preprints (pre-refereed manuscripts), working papers and reports.

Contribute to espace

Curtin University's digital research institutional repository is espace, a digital collection self-archived research output of Curtin's staff, students and affiliates. espace stores Curtin affiliated peer-reviewed journals and conference papers, working papers, reports, books, book chapters and theses.

For further information on Curtin's institutional repository refer to the Library's Guide to espace.