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Systematic Reviews

Business and Law


Examples of systematic reviews in the fields of business and law:

  • Adams, R. J., Smart, P., & Huff, A. S.  (2017). Shades of grey: Guidelines for working with the grey literature in systematic reviews for management and organizational studies. International Journal of Management Reviews, 19(4), 432-454.
  • Clark, W. R., Clark, L. A., Rafo, D. M., & Williams Jr, R. I. (2021). Extending Fisch and Block’s (2018) tips for a systematic review in management and business literature. Management Review Quarterly, 71, 215–231.


Examples of systematic reviews in the field of humanities:

  • Campbell, A., Taylor, B., Bates, J., & O'Connor-Bones, U. (2018). Developing and applying a protocol for a systematic review in the social sciences. New Review of Academic Librarianship, 24(1), 1-22.

  • Dacombe, R. (2018). Systematic reviews in political science: What can the approach contribute to political research? Political Studies Review, 16(2), 148–157.

  • Evans, J., & Benefield, P. (2001). Systematic reviews of educational research: Does the medical model fit? British Educational Research Journal, 27(5), 527-541.

  • Konnerup, M., & Kongsted, H. C. (2012). Do Cochrane reviews provide a good model for social science? The role of observational studies in systematic reviews. Evidence & Policy: A Journal of Research, Debate and Practice, 8(1), 79-96.

  • Papaioannou, D., Sutton, A., Carroll, C., Booth, A. & Wong, R. (2010). Literature searching for social science systematic reviews: Consideration of a range of search techniques. Health Information & Libraries Journal, 27, 114-122.

  • Polanin, J. R., Maynard, B. R., & Dell, N. A. (2017). Overviews in education research: A systematic review and analysis. Review of Educational Research, 87(1), 172–203.

  • Shim, Y., Jebb, A. T., Tay, L., & Pawelski, J. O. (2021). Arts and humanities interventions for flourishing in healthy adults: A mixed studies systematic review. Review of General Psychology, 25(3), 258–282.

  • Waddington, H., White, H., Snilstveit, B., Hombrados, J. G., Vojtkova, M., Davies, P., Bhavsar, A., Eyers, J., Koehlmoos, T. P., Petticrew, M., Valentine, J. C., & Tugwell, P. (2012). How to do a good systematic review of effects in international development: a tool kit. Journal of Development Effectiveness, 4(3), 359-387.

Science and Engineering


Examples of systematic reviews in the fields of science and engineering:

  • Bilotta, G. S., Milner, A. M., & Boyd, I. (2014). On the use of systematic reviews to inform environmental policies. Environmental Science & Policy, 42, 67-77.

  • Borrego, M., Foster, M. J., & Froyd, J. E. (2014). Systematic literature reviews in engineering education and other developing interdisciplinary fields. Journal of Engineering Education, 103(1), 45-76.
  • Budgen, D., Brereton, P., Drummond, S., & Williams, N. (2018). Reporting systematic reviews: Some lessons from a tertiary study. Information and Software Technology, 95, 62-74.

  • Haddaway, N.R., Macura, B., Whaley, P., & Pullin, A. S. (2018). ROSES RepOrting standards for Systematic Evidence Syntheses: pro forma, flow-diagram and descriptive summary of the plan and conduct of environmental systematic reviews and systematic maps. Environmental Evidence 7(1), 1-8.

  • Henry, A., & Stieglitz, L. (2020). An examination of systematic reviews in the engineering literature. ASEE Virtual Annual Conference 2020.