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Guide to espace

Meeting copyright obligations when depositing to espace

Copyright statements for published research

Research outputs in their published form will display a copyright statement similar to:

© Publisher/Commissioning Body 20--.  All rights reserved.
© Publisher/Commissioning Body 20--. Open Access CC BY

© The Authors 20--. All rights reserved
© The Authors 20--. Published by _________.  
    This is an open access publication under CC BY licence.

If publications do not have a copyright statement, you must assume the content is © Publisher  20--.
All rights reserved.

Publisher copyright

Research outputs with the copyright statement '© Publisher / Commissioning Body 20--. All rights reserved' do not permit the published version to be made openly available in espace without the express written permission of the publisher / commissioning body.

However an author may have self-archiving rights detailed within the publishing agreement governing the research output.  These author self-archiving rights may permit an open access version of the research outputs to be 'self-archived' in a suitable repository, possibly subject to an embargo period.

Refer to individual publication types for more information on meeting copyright obligations, author self-archiving rights and selecting the correct version to deposit to espace.

Author copyright

Copyright statements such as '© The Authors 20--' indicate the copyright is retained by the authors.  A published version of the research can be deposited to espace by a Curtin affliated author. 

Open licences

Copyright statements such as '© The Authors 20--. Published by _________.  This is an open access publication under CC BY licence' specifies the authors retain copyright and the publisher licence permits sharing of the published version under an open licence.  

Copyright statements such as '© Publisher 20-- Open Access CC BY' specifies the publisher retains copyright but permits sharing of the published version under an open licence.  

The published version is permitted to be deposited in espace in both these circumstances.

Creative Commons licence examples





Look for Creative Commons icons on research publications to determine if the published version is suitable to be deposited to espace under an open licence.