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Guide to espace

About Curtin grey literature

Curtin's grey literature collection contains Curtin staff and postgraduate content that falls outside the scope of Curtin research publication and theses espace collections.

Applications to include content in espace within the grey literature collection requires approval from the Head of School (or equivalent).

Before seeking approval please ensure the following requirements are met:

  • The content must include at least one author affiliated with Curtin University.
  • The content does not contain material subject to commercial obligations, claims or restrictions imposed by external organisations or funding bodies. Such restrictions may include publishing embargoes, confidentiality agreements, and intellectual property considerations such as patents.
  • The author has retained copyright over the content.  If copyright is shared by multiple authors, permission from all co-authors is necessary. 
    If the content contains any third-party copyright material, the author must obtain written permission from the copyright holder to deposit a copy into an institutional repository.
  • The content must not be commercially available, nor intended for future commercialisation.

Prior to depositing content into espace the Library will require the following:

Please email the relevant information and a copy of the content to