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Guide to espace

University deposit requirement

Research students who have completed their Curtin Higher Degree by Research (HDR) degree are required to deposit a copy of the final version of their thesis to the Library for open access via the University's institutional repository, espace.

The digital thesis must be deposited to the Library prior to your degree being awarded. You will not be able to graduate until this is completed.

Guide to depositing your thesis

Before depositing your thesis to espace, ensure you've completed the steps outlined below.

Step 1: Check thesis format

  • The version you should deposit into espace is the final version, that has been passed at examination and that includes any amendments requested by the Thesis Committee. 
  • Ensure the copy is in PDF format. (A print copy is not required by the Library).
  • Review text presentation for errors in spelling, table layouts, page breaks, page/section numbering, table of contents, etc. You will not be able to replace the version once made available in espace.

Step 2: Review copyright

  • Ensure you have gained permission from copyright owners for the use of their material (images, figures, quotes, etc) in your thesis, including permission to make it publicly available in an institutional repository; 
  • If you have included material from your own publications in your thesis, check that you have obtained permission from the publisher to reproduce it in an institutional repository;
  • Be sure to include any permissions received in an appendix to your thesis;
  • Where you have not received permission for copyrighted material, ensure you have removed the section from the thesis and replaced it with an acknowledgement that allows the user to find the material in the original publication.
  • Refer to Copyright for HDR thesis students for more detailed information.

Step 3: Complete the Submission of Digital Thesis Form

  • The form "Submission of digital thesis to Library (espace) after Examination" is available from HDR forms, guidelines and policies (under Thesis submission).
  • Apply for an embargo if necessary.
  • Ensure you have obtained all necessary signatures as required.

Step 4: Deposit your thesis to espace