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Guide to espace

About Curtin theses

The Curtin Theses collection holds the successfully completed theses of Curtin Higher Degree by Research (HDR) students. This comprises Doctorate and Master by Research awards. Masters by Coursework and Honours research papers may be held by the enrolling Schools. 

The collection contains nearly 3,200 records, about 95of which have the full text document available.

Up to 2012, Curtin HDR theses were maintained in print form. You can search for print theses in the Curtin Library Catalogue.

Thesis preparation and submission

Essential information for higher degree by research (HDR) students undertaking research, preparing and submitting a thesis can be found on the Managing Your Higher Degree by Research site.

Guidelines for preparing a thesis, including format, presentation and referencing style, can be found on the Preparing and submitting your thesis page.

It is also important to familiarise yourself with essential resources related to thesis preparation, including information on plagiarism and copyright

The Thesis Examination and Submission Checklist below will guide you through the approvals you must obtain and forms you need to complete, from submitting your thesis for examination to approval for graduation.

Copyright and your thesis

In writing your thesis, you may have incorporated material for which you do not own the copyright, and this could include your own published work if you have transferred your copyright to the publisher.

Before depositing your thesis to espace you must obtain permission from the copyright owner to re-use such material.

If you have not been able to gain permission, you will need to create an edited version of your thesis for espace, excluding the copyrighted material. The complete version should also be uploaded - this will be stored securely by the Library.

Refer to the Copyright at Curtin website for the following information:

  • General copyright guidelines for research and study

  • Copyright for Higher Degree by Research (HDR) thesis students


It is your responsibility to ensure that content in your thesis does not breach copyright legislation if made public.


The University understands that there may be circumstances where it is appropriate to prevent access to part or all of your thesis due to copyright, contractual reasons or sensitivity of the material. This is called an embargo.

An embargo restricts access to either the whole thesis or a part of the thesis for a specified period of time. 

Ensure you discuss this issue and seek advice from your Supervisor or contact the Graduate Research School.

To apply for an embargo:

  • Complete the appropriate sections on the Submission of Digital Theses form, located under the heading Theses Submission;
  • Obtain the required signatures of both your Supervisor and/or Associate Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research Excellence. Approval from the Associate Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research Excellence is only required when requesting a five year or permanent embargo.


If you place an embargo on part of your thesis, you will need to upload an edited version (excluding the embargoed material) for open access in espace, as well as the whole thesis. 

Upon expiry of the embargo, your thesis will be made publicly available online via espace. You may request an extension to the embargo by email to the Thesis Examinations Officer at the Graduate Research School. Ensure your request is made well before the expiry date to prevent your thesis being made public.

You are required to deposit your thesis even if all or part of it is to be permanently embargoed. Library staff will store the full version securely in an electronic archive.