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Open Educational Resources: Finding OERs


OERu provides online open-source courses based on open educational resources. It delivers access to a wide selection of courses in a range of disciplines such as science, management, education and psychology under a Creative Commons license. Access to course content is free although paid assessment to gain academic credit is also available. 

Creative Commons

Many resources have a Creative Commons licence indicating the extent to which they can be shared or reused. Look for the Creative Commons licence symbols to determine exactly how a resource can be used. 

Filtering for reusable content

1. Enter your search terms into the Google search box

2. Go to Settings > Advanced search > Usage rights  

3. Select from the options relating to use, sharing, commerical use and modification.

1. Conduct your search in Google Images

2. Go to Tools > Usage Rights

3. Select from options relating to reuse, commercial reuse and modification.

1. Enter your search terms in the Flickr search box

2. Click the ‘Any licence’ drop down to view and select options to filter your search results to indicate content covered by all CC licences, permitting commercial use, and permitting modification or adaptation.

1. Enter in your search terms in YouTube

2. Go to filters> Creative Commons 

3. This will display items with a CC BY License (The only Creative Commons license available in YouTube).

Public domain

Public domain resources are not covered by copyright, trademark or patent laws usually because the copyright of an item has expired and can be used without seeking the permission of the copyright holder.

The time content takes to enter the public domain varies from place to place and can be dependent on the medium, most commonly in Australia 70 years after the death of the creator for artistic or literary works, photographs, computer programs etc. 

Multidisciplinary OERs

Subject based OERs