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Communications, Culture and Indigenous Perspectives in Business 2021: Assessment two: Group presentation

Communications, Culture and Indigenous Perspectives in Business

Assignment 2: Group presentation


You are required to work in a group of three to four students to create a PowerPoint presentation that prepares a group of colleagues who are moving to an international office. To prepare them for this move, you will communicate what they need to know to live, work and engage in a culturally appropriate way in the new office.


Your group will be allocated a city and then be given a maximum of 20 minutes for your presentation. Each member of your group must present. 


Finding information


Source your information regarding your allocated country from authoritative sources


Most governments will provide some information for expatriate workers, so it would be worthwhile sourcing or comparing information you find more generally against official government advice. If you perform a Google search for expatriate worker conditions in your assigned country, you're likely to find a lot of information from companies who resettle employees if you perform a search for expatriate worker conditions you would discover information produced by the Australian Government. 


Try performing a search with the correct site name for your countries government.