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Communications, Culture and Indigenous Perspectives in Business 2021: Assessment one: Case study

Communications, Culture and Indigenous Perspectives in Business

Assessment 1: Case study

Read and reflect on the news story: Rottnest Island: Black prison to white playground. This can be accessed from your Blackboard unit. Using the menu on the left, navigate to Assessments > Assessment 1: Case Study

You are then required to write 1,000 to 1,200 words reflecting on the importance of understanding and respecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. Below is some guidance on searching for information sources to support your case study.

General search tips


Check out your Reading List available in the Blackboard site for this unit. The articles, book chapters and webpages have been identified for you as being highly relevant for this unit. Save yourself some time and read them - it'll give you a head start!



Academic journal articles are mostly held behind paywalls (a method of restricting your access to paid content) so you won't be able to find them through Google. Search for information through the library's catalogue and databases to find what you need and watch these short videos.


Read the assignment questions and the marking rubric carefully. These will give you information that will help you develop an effective search, make sure you're using the right kinds of evidence (like journal articles!), and addressing all necessary questions. 



Historical context

The first question to consider for your case study is about the impact of settlement on Aboriginal people in local communities around the Swan River and the penal history of Rottnest Island / Wadjemup (the Ngoongar name for Rottnest Island). 

Recommended databasesLibrary catalogueInformit, ProQuest

Recommended source types: Journal articles, books

Recommended keywords

  • Aboriginal OR Indigenous AND Australia AND colonisation
  • Western Australia AND colonial AND Aboriginal history
  • Wadjemup OR Rottnest Island AND history


There are a number of online sources relating to the history of Wadjemup / Rottnest Island. Try a Google search for: wadjemup to find some relevant websites for background reading.


Impact on tourism

The second question focuses on the potential impact on tourism by sharing knowledge about imprisonment and deaths of Aboriginal people on Rottnest Island / Wadjemup. It is best to start with a broad search.

Recommended databasesLibrary catalogue, ProQuest, Taylor & Francis Online

Recommended source types: Journal articles, books

Recommended keywords

  • Dark tourism OR thanatourism AND Aboriginal culture OR Indigenous culture
  • Dark tourism OR thanatourism AND tourists motivations
  • Sites of conscience OR sites of conflict AND tourists motivations
  • Prison OR penal AND tourism AND Australia
  • Aboriginal culture OR Indigenous culture AND tourism



Not sure how to search ProQuest? See our Finding Information guide for helpful videos that will show you how to search!