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23 Things About: Home


23 Things is a free online course to help you develop your digital skills and knowledge. It is open to anyone to participate, and you can work through the self-paced online modules in any order you like, at your own pace. Complete as much or as little as you like, anytime, anywhere – it’s all up to you!

If you would like to participate with others at the same time, sign up here to join our 2021 program, where we’ll be looking at a new Thing each week throughout the year. Each week we will connect with you, sending through an update with invitations, notes and reminders.

Curtin students can also attend face-to-face or online workshops and can earn a Curtin Extra Certificate by participating! Find out more about the 23 Things Curtin Extra program.

To participate in 23 Things, sign up here and we’ll be in touch with further details. For any further enquiries, please contact


Created by students, for students

23 Things has been developed as a “students as partners” project. Curtin Library employs students from diverse disciplines and backgrounds to create the content and assist in running the program. Find out more about our student co-creators below.

The program was initially funded by the Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program. It is modelled on, and inspired by, the many 23 Things programs that have been developed since the original program was run in 2006, including the University of Edinburgh 23 Things. The content has been created using H5P and, except where otherwise stated, is licensed under a Creative Commons CC-BY-SA license for adaptation and re-use.

For more information about the 23 Things program, including the pedagogical underpinnings, please see 23 Things: Information for Educators.

Our Team
BSc. Computing • 3rd Year
Jean Phay
I'm an avid coder, badminton enthusiast and wannabe dog owner. I love Japanese food and I'm always down for dessert.
Study Tip
It's easy to sit in front of a computer for hours and forget to get up for a stretch.
BSc. Mech Eng • 3rd Year
Leoj Hecto
I love playing with 3D printers, computers and all things that involve tinkering.

Study Tip
Use different coloured pens for important topics.
BSc. Computing • 3rd Year
Andre de Moeller
I'm a cybersecurity and digital design enthusiast who needs to fix their sleep schedule.

Study Tip
Fully understanding a topic is way more useful than writing notes.
BEng Hons / BSc
Cameron Kerr
I’m a final year student who enjoys music production and graphic design. If you go to Curtin you might see me skateboarding between my classes.
Study Tip
Don’t upload your exams to Chegg.
Bachelor of Arts • 4th Year
Jesse Bryant
I'm a passionate creative, and love spending time on my digital sculpting, pushing my illustration skills, and playing tabletop roleplaying games.
Study Tip
Don't let yourself get too wrapped up in the little details of a project!
BSc. Eng Mech Eng • 1st Year
Matteo Vinci
I'm an inventive thinker that enjoys the challenges of picking apart problems to create innovative solutions with human centred design.
Study Tip
Study a subject you are really interested in, not the one everyone else thinks you should do.
LLB, BCom. • 4th Year
Carlina Palmieri
I like Peaky Blinders, fundamental investment principles and making lists of places to eat.

Study Tip
Stay caffeinated.
Chem Eng (Hons) • 4th Year
Bithiah Esabunor-Nukie
I spend the night reading books, then sleep and dream about the characters. Unfortunately life happens.
Study Tip
You won’t know if you don’t try, so try out as many activities as you can, you never know what will be useful to you someday.
BSc. Biochemistry • 3rd Year
Michael Greif
I spend most of my free time playing around with software, computers, and microelectronics. I am concerned for the future of a free and unsurveilled internet.
Study Tip
The best thing you can do for your online security is to use a password manager which creates long, random passwords
PhD, Disability Studies • 1st Year
Rhiannon De Cinque
I'm a PhD student at Curtin and a passionate disability advocate.

Study Tip
Keep organized, stay focused, read widely and always read critically.
BSc. Occupational Therapy • 1st Year
Nathan Curran
I'm an indigenous Australian who spent some of my upbringing in Guam. My interests include song writing and street art.
Study Tip
You don't know what you don't know, until you know, you know.
Masters Information Systems and Technology
Chris Ho
I'm interested in all things technology and enjoy photography, video editing and playing badminton.
Study Tip
Choose the right time of day to do your study.
B. Psychology • 1st Year
Jen Maxwell
I recently graduated with a BA majoring in Creative Writing, Professional Writing and Publishing and enjoy writing and watching RuPaul's Drag Race.
Study Tip
Ask questions. If you're unsure of anything, ask someone for help…or Google it.
Masters of Applied Design and Art • 1st Year
Trish Morton-Smith
I'm enrolled in a Master of Applied Design and Art and enjoy going to the beach, taking long walks and painting.
Study Tip
Check your sources to ensure you are accessing reliable information on the internet.
BSc. Computing • 3rd Year
Tim Dempsey
I'm studying computer security and web development, and am interested in helping others build towards solving problems of their own.
Study Tip
Look for connections between things - join up the dots in a unique way and create something new.
B. Social Work • 3rd Year
Alex Pilgrim
I'm a creative, out of the box thinker who advocates for person-centred communication and improving student accessibility and wellbeing.
Study Tip
If you find it hard facing a blank page, just start writing anything no matter how terrible it is.
B. Commerce • 3rd Year
Kate Bayley
I'm interested in marketing and public relations, and enjoy the challenge of communicating a message using creative digital technologies.
Study Tip
Make sure snacks and coffee are on hand so you don’t need to keep interrupting your study.