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SoLT - Scholarship of Learning & Teaching - Health Sciences: Welcome

Library contacts

Faculty librarians are available to help staff and research students identify and access relevant information. The Health Sciences Faculty librarian is Diana Blackwood.

Diana can be contacted on

Welcome to the SoLT LibGuide

The purpose of this LibGuide is to guide academics with teaching responsibilities through the process of developing and implementing their SoLT projects, disseminating findings in SoLT or discipline specific journals and to provide information on how to gather evidence of SoLT. The guide also provides Faculty of Health Sciences contacts who can support your engagement in SoLT.

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University contacts

The Faculty of Health Sciences is committed to supporting academics with teaching responsibilities to engage in SoLT.

Associate Professor Lynne Roberts is the Director of Research in Higher Education in the Faculty of Health Sciences.

Dr Helen Flavell is the coordinator of the Scholarship of Teaching in the Faculty of Health Sciences.

Associate Professor Georgina Fyfe is the Dean, Learning and Teaching in The Faculty of Health Sciences.

If you have any questions on SoLT or Higher Education please do not hesitate to contact Lynne, Helen or Georgina.

Curtin Learning and Teaching staff can be found here.