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New to research: Research training

Curtin Library

The library offers a range of online resources, workshops and training to ensure that you remain up-to-date with current library resources and tools. Take some time to familiarise yourself with the library and the support that is available.


Research support LibGuides
  • Guides on searching literature, disseminating research findings and measuring research quality and impact.
  • Includes a range of tools, resources and information. 
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Workshops and seminars
  • Expert training on library resources and tools for your research area.
  • Offered online and face-to-face in the library, throughout the year
  • On request, the library will also provide training within the faculty

The following sessions are held throughout the year. To organise a tailored session in your Faculty or area, please contact your Faculty Librarian.

Kickstart your research: Discover library services and resources
NEW This workshop is provided as a series of videos. 
Meet the key people in the library who can support you, find out about library services for postgraduates and staff and explore the resources to get you started on your research journey. View the videos here.
Become a supersearcher: Which database and how to search
Learn to locate the most relevant databases and tools to search, create a search strategy and develop an effective information management plan. Bring your research topics and questions.
Get your name in lights: Publishing tips for new players
Discuss your publishing options and discover the library tools available to help you identify quality journals in your field. Session also covers strategies to increase visibility and dissemination of your research. 
Who’s following you? Track citations, measure quality and impact
Learn about citation analysis, the h-index and other methods of measuring research quality and impact. See how Web of Science, Scopus or Publish or Perish to find citations.
What's your number? Use researcher IDs to raise your profile
Find out what a researcher profile is, the key tools available and their pros and cons and where to go to set yours up. Learn how these profiles can save you time and make it easier to promote your research.


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