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Apps & mobile resources: Getting started

Curtin apps

Check out these mobile apps used at Curtin:

Welcome to the Apps & Mobile Resources Libguide

In this guide you will find many apps and mobile resources to help you with your study and research. Use the tabs above to find apps and mobile websites in a range of categories.

Image of phone: Apple iPhone 5 mock-up by DavidMartynHunt 

Please note

If an app or a mobile site allows access to full-text content, this generally means only if Curtin has a subscription to the content. Free apps do not provide you with a subscription, but only another way of accessing database content that Curtin subscribes to.

IMPORTANT: Apps and mobile sites may not have Find-it links which means that you may not be able to link to a full-text article through another database.

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What is a mobile site?

A mobile site refers to a website that is specifically made for viewing on a mobile device. It generally allows access to the same content as from the original website, however, it often has a more modest appearance to enable faster download and easier viewing from a smaller smartphone screen.

What is an app?

An app is a software application, a specific program that can be used on mobile devices.

Apps vary depending on your device and the operating system on your device. For example, there are iPhone, Android and BlackBerry apps. Online software stores such as the Apple App Store or Android Market have been developed to allow users to browse and download available applications, some which are freely available, others that can be purchased.

Wireless connectivity

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