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EndNote X8

What is EndNote?

EndNote X8    

     EndNote is a software application for storing, managing, searching and sharing your references.
     EndNote's main function is creating a bibliography with the choice of many different styles.
     You will still need to check that your references are displayed correctly in the chosen style.



EndNote X9 has just been released. However it will not be available to Australian based Curtin staff and students until it has undergone extensive testing. We hope to have access to EndNote X9 soon.

Referencing & EndNote

Before you begin using the EndNote program you need to know which referencing style your school uses and become familiar with that style. While EndNote will display references in your selected referencing style (e.g. APA, Chicago, Vancouver etc.) you need to be able to correct any mistakes or inconsistencies in your references. EndNote is not able to recognise incorrect or missing data required for your style. For more information about referencing please see:

Downloading EndNote

 Button for downloading EndNote           View compatibility and system requirements

(For Australian based Curtin staff and students only)


  • When prompted install updates
  • For problems with downloading or installing EndNote contact OASIS

Updating an existing EndNote version:

  • Back up your existing EndNote library files (e.g. .enl, .data folders) and any customized content files (e.g. output styles, connection files, and import filters) on a USB or external hard drive
  • Close all open programs on your computer
  • Uninstall the older version of EndNote from your computer. See Step 1 in the EndNote download instructions. Then proceed to Step 2 to download and install the new version