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Copyright and eBooks

Nearly all eBooks (even free ones) are covered by licence terms and conditions set by the publisher which govern how they can be used.  For example, they will tell you whether you're allowed to print, copy or download portions of the eBook, and if so, how much. Before using an eBook supplied through Curtin Library, always check and abide by the relevant terms and conditions of use.

Many eBooks are also protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems which regulate how the content can be accessed and what can be done with it.

In the absence of specific terms and conditions, the normal requirements imposed by the Copyrigt Act 1968 will apply.  Under the 'fair dealing' provisions it is usually permissible to copy a reasonable portion of a work (10% or one chapter) for personal research or study.

These links show how copyright applies to eBooks.

The look and feel of an eBook reader

 CIMG5832 by zw09

Free eBook collections

Titles in these collections are free to download.  They are available in different formats, which may require specific software to read.

Part free/ part subscription eBook collections

How does this thing work?

 Readers with (e)Readers by nuttyxander

Choose from the large number of eBook readers currently available with the help of Top Ten Reviews.

What do I need to do to read eBooks?

  1. Some eBook sites require a personal profile to be set up before downloading.
  2. Some eBook sites provide a limited service for free membership, but charge a fee for upgraded membership.
  3. eBooks can be read in a variety of platforms. Some platforms require proprietary software (e.g., Kindle), but others require the downloading of specific software to read the book. (For example, epub documents require BlueFire reader.)
  4. Set up accounts for the software you need, e.g., Adobe Digital Editions and BlueFire reader, before downloading books.