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EndNote Online

Cite While You Write in Microsoft Word

The Cite While You Write (CWYW) function allows you to search your EndNote Online library for references, insert the references into your Word document, and instantly format the citations and bibliography in your chosen referencing style. If you are a Web of Science or Basic user you first need to install the CWYW plug-in. If you are using EndNote Desktop, you do not need to install the plug-in as EndNote already includes this for both Desktop and Online. 


Selecting a reference style

In EndNote Online:Bibliography tab in EndNote Online

  1. Select the Format tab
  2. Next to the Bibliographic style drop down menu, click on Select Favorites
  3. Select the styles* you wish to use and click Copy to Favorites
  4. These will then appear in the Bibliographic style drop down menu and be available in the Style drop down menu in the EndNote toolbar in Word

*A limited number of styles are displayed in EndNote Online. Please contact the Library if you would like additional styles added (Desktop and Web of Science users only).

Please note: You need to know which referencing style your school uses and become familiar with that style. While EndNote will display references in your selected referencing style (e.g. APA, Chicago, Vancouver etc.) you need to be able to recognise any mistakes or inconsistencies in your references.

Inserting citations

EndNote Find & Insert My References box

To insert a citation in-text:

  1. Ensure you are logged in to your EndNote Online library
  2. Place the cursor in the Word document where you want to insert the citation
  3. Click the Insert citation(s) button in the EndNote toolbar
  4. In the search field enter identifying text from the reference (e.g. title, author surname) and click Find
  5. Select the reference you wish to use then click Insert
  6. The citation will then appear in text and the full reference will appear at the end of the document (reference list)

Editing citations

Changes to in-text citations should be made using the Edit citations function in the EndNote toolbar. If you need to alter reference list entries, this should be done in your EndNote Online library.

To edit in-text citations:Edit and manage citations dialogue box

  1. Select the citation you wish to edit (citation will be highlighted in grey)
  2. Click the Edit Citation(s) (PC) or Edit & Manage Citation(s) (Mac) in the EndNote toolbar
  3. In the Edit Citation panel you can exclude the author or year from the citation or add page numbers (if required for your style)

To remove a citation from your document:

  1. Click the Edit Citation(s) (PC) or Edit & Manage Citation(s) (Mac) in the EndNote toolbar
  2. In the Citation panel, click Edit Reference and select Remove Citation from the drop down menu

Converting to plain text

It is recommended that you convert your finalised document to plain text before submitting for assessment or publication. Converting to plain text creates a second copy of the document which isn't linked to your EndNote Library. This also allows you to make manual changes to your references.

To convert to plain text:

  1. In the EndNote toolbar click Convert Citations and Bibliography (PC) or Tools (Mac) and select Convert to Plain Text