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EndNote Online

Sharing your EndNote Library

There are several ways that you can share references from your EndNote Library with other users. If you have an EndNote Desktop account and are using version X7.2 or later you can share your entire desktop library with others. In order to do this you will first need to setup an Endnote Online account and sync your library.

Alternatively, you can use EndNote Online to share groups with other EndNote Online users. To do this follow the instructions below for Sharing a group.

Sharing a group

EndNote Online allows you to share your reference groups with other EndNote Online users. 

To share a group:

1. Click on the Organize tab and choose the Manage My Groups page

2. Check the Share box for the group you want to share 

3. Click the Manage Sharing button

Manage my Groups function on Organize tab in EndNote Online

4. Click on Start sharing this group

Start sharing this group button in EndNote Online

5. Enter the email addresses of the people you want to share the group with. Use the email address they are using for their EndNote Online account login 

6. Choose Read Only or Read & Write access to your group 

Note: With Read Only those you share with can use your references in Word documents, copy your references to their own library, and view the data for your references, but they cannot change them. With Read & Write access they can do all of these things, but they can also change your references, add references to the group, or delete references from the group 

Add email addresses to 'Transition' box in EndNote Online

7. Click on Apply to start sharing the group.

Shared groups will appear under My References with the shared icon  Shared groups icon  beside them. They will appear under Groups Shared by Others for the EndNote Online user you are sharing them with. Groups shared by others will not be included in the Sync process.

For an overview of sharing groups with Endnote Online watch this short video from the University of Queensland Library: