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EndNote X8

Using PowerPoint with EndNote

  1. Be aware that inserting in-text citations and creating a bibliography/reference list is performed as two separate functions
  2. Make sure you select the required style from the Output Style menu before you commence inserting citations/references. If you change the style the formatting will not update for any existing citations/references you have previously inserted into PowerPoint
  3. After citations and references are entered into PowerPoint they will no longer be linked to your EndNote Library. If you edit a reference in your EndNote library it will not update in PowerPoint. Citations/references are imported as text only and can be edited as normal text

Mac users: Using EndNote with PowerPoint is currently unavailable for Macs.

Inserting in-text citations into a PowerPoint slide

Select the EndNote X8 tab in PowerPoint. Place the cursor in the text box in the PowerPoint slide where you want the in-text citation to appear.

  1. Click on the Insert Citation icon Insert citationand search by the author name using the Find command
  2. Highlight the required reference and select Insert. Your in-text citation will now appear in your slide
  3. Firstly select the required citation(s) in EndNote then in PowerPoint make sure you have the cursor in the required position in the slide
  4. Next select the Insert Selected Citation(s) icon Insert selected citation iconand your in-text citation/s will appear in your slide

Creating a reference list or bibliography

  1. Place the cursor in the text box in the PowerPoint slide where you want the reference list to appear
  2. In EndNote select all the references you want to appear in your reference list. You can do this by holding down the control key
  3. Click on the Insert Selected Reference(s) icon Insert selected reference iconand all your references will appear in your slide
    If you only have a single reference for your reference list click on the Insert Reference icon Insert reference iconand use the Find option to locate the reference
  4.  Highlight, then click on Insert
  5.  You may need to adjust the formatting

    Note: It is recommended that you include all the required references in your reference list at the same time as any added later will not file correctly. They will not be in alphabetical or number order and this will have to be corrected manually.