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EndNote X8

Sync process

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EndNote is the Desktop version and EndNote Online is the online version. It is possible to sync your Desktop library with your online version.

Important things to know about the sync process:

  1. Before you sync for the first time ensure that you backup your EndNote library.
  2. Even if you sync your EndNote Desktop Library with EndNote Online you should still regularly backup your EndNote Desktop Library. 
  3. Sync only works with one EndNote Desktop library and EndNote Online account at the same time. 
  4. Syncing EndNote Desktop with EndNote Online will inlcude all groups and group associations, but group sets, smart groups, and combination groups will not be displayed in your EndNote Online library. If you would like all Groups from the same Group set to be displayed together in your EndNote Online Library, you will need to give each Group in the Group set the same prefix. 
  5.              For example, references from your Desktop Library shown on the left, will display in your EndNote Online Library as shown on the right:
  6.               Group set in EndNote desktop       Groups in EndNote Online with group set prefix
  7.  The sync process includes ALL changes to references in either library. For example, if you delete a reference in either the Desktop or Online library and then sync, the reference will be deleted from BOTH libraries. 
  8. The first time you sync your library on another computer you should open a new, empty EndNote Desktop library and then sync. This will transfer all your references from your EndNote Online library into your EndNote Desktop library.
  9. You cannot synchronize your library when you are in the Online Only mode.

To sync you will need to:

  1. Set your preferences
  2. Sync your EndNote Online and Desktop libraries. 

Sync preferences

To allow EndNote Desktop and Online to sync:EndNote preferences box with Sync option selected

  1. In EndNote Desktop, go to Edit and Preferences
  2. Select Sync
  3. Click the Enable Sync button
  4. Enter the email address and password for your EndNote Online account
  5. Click on the OK or Save button
  6. You may be prompted to enter your name, address and other details to complete the integration of your Online and Desktop accounts
  7. You can tick the Sync Automatically checkbox to have Endnote automatically run the Sync process in the background every 15 mins


Troubleshooting sync

If you experience issues with Sync, ensure that you:

  • Empty your Trash before syncing
  • Only sync with one EndNote Desktop library

If you are syncing on a different computer for the first time, open a new, empty EndNote Desktop library and then sync to download all your references from EndNote Online.

Sync Conflicts:

  • If there are any conflicts, a Sync Conflicts group will appear 
  • Right click on the group and select the Resolve Conflicts option. You can either choose to keep the EndNote desktop reference or the EndNote Online reference (the version of the reference you do not choose to keep is permanently deleted).  

Sync status:

Double click on Sync Status... in the group area to view information on the last Sync operation, including any errors such as storage limit, authentication or internet connection errors. 

How to reset Sync:

Follow these instructions on how to reset Sync if you want to clear your EndNote Online library and re-sync it with your Desktop library. If the references are correct in your EndNote Online account DO NOT follow these steps. Instead, simply make a new, blank EndNote desktop library and sync to that.

How to share a library

Arrows Blue Double Reverse Redo Reload Cyc

In order to share your EndNote library with other users first set up your EndNote online account and sync your library. You must do this before the sharing process can commence.




Arrows Blue Double Reverse Redo Reload Cycle by Pixabay CC0‚Äč

  1. Start by clicking the Sync icon Sync icon
  2. Create a new account if you do not have one otherwise enter your account credentials
  3. Once the synchronization process is complete go to File > Share, or you can select the icon for Share...  Share library icon
  4. Enter the email addresses of the people you want to collaborate with
  5. You can share with up to 100 people who are using EndNoteX8, EndNote library sharing is not restricted to people within the same firewall or organisation
  6. You can share your entire EndNote library, including references and PDFs*
  7. Everyone can add to, annotate and use the library at the same time
  8. You can share one library from your Mac or Windows desktop. This library will also be your Online library. There is no limit to the number of libraries that can be shared with you by others.
  9. To access your shared libray go to File > Open Shared Library
  10. To cease sharing a library go to File and Share...and remove the email address
  11. To check the activity or changes made by your collaborators click on the Activity Feed icon Activity Feed icon

* You are welcome to share your references from your EndNote Library with other EndNote users, however Library staff recommend you do not share attachments with other non-Curtin EndNote users. Sharing of attachments potentially violates copyright law and licence agreements between the Library and database providers.

Sharing FAQ's

How can I share my library?

Anyone who has EndNote X8, no matter where they are located can share their library. EndNote library sharing is not restricted to people within the same firewall or organisation.

How many libraries can I share?

You can share only one library from your Mac or Windows desktop. The library that you share will also be the library that you can access online at or on your iPad using the EndNote for iPad app.  There is no limit to the number of libraries that can be shared with you by others.

Can I access a shared library from anywhere?

If you are the one who shared the library, you have access to this library on your desktop, online or on your iPad.  If you have been invited to access someone else's library, you can only access this library from your desktop.

What if I no longer want to share my library?

You can easily control access to your library from your desktop version of EndNote X8. Add or remove individual access by going to File>Share...

How to access your shared library

Go to File>Open Shared Library...