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EndNote X8

What is an EndNote library?

An EndNote library is a file with the file extension .enl.  It can be copied, renamed, deleted or moved to other drives or folders. Each EndNote library creates a DATA folder which must always be in the same location as the .enl file. The DATA folder must always be copied or moved along with the library.

EndNote libraries should not be accessed directly from cloud storage locations e.g. Dropbox.

Although EndNote allows you to create multiple libraries, it is strongly recommended that you have a single library.

Creating, opening and closing your library

  1. From the Start menu, choose All Programs, select EndNote and then click on the EndNote Program
  2. Within EndNote go to File > New. 
  3. A dialogue box will open, giving you the opportunity to give your EndNote Library a name. Choose one and also a location to save your library to (if you don't select a location your library will automatically be saved in your Documents folder). Click Save.
    Note your library is made up of these two components    
  • To exit, click on the X at the top right hand corner or use Control + Q

    Mac users:

  1. To open EndNote go to Macintosh HD or Finder>Applications>EndNote X8
  2. To create a new library go to File and click on New. At Save As: name your library and click on Save
  3. To open an existing library open EndNote X8 from applications or the icon on the dock.  Go to File, Open Library... (or Command + O). Click on your library
  4. To close, click on the red x at the upper left hand corner or use Command + Q to exit the program or Command + W the library

Using different display modes

There are three different display modes in the EndNote toolbar:

Local Library Mode Local mode icon Online Search Mode Temporary Library Online mode icon  Integrated Library & Online Search Mode Integrated mode icon

The default option is the Integrated Library & Onlinde Search mode.

 Mac users:    Mode icons for Macs

For more information see the PDF above.                             

Library window layout

For different layout views for the panels in your library window click on the Layout menu at the bottom right hand cornerLayout button

   MAC users  Layout drop down menu top right hand corner.


Groups Panel - lists your group sets and associated groups

Tabs panel includes the three tabs below which allow you to:

Image for reference, preview and PDF viewer tabs

  1. Reference tab - edit the contents of the highlighted reference
  2. Preview tab - view the reference in the style selected
  3. PDF Viewer tab - attach, view and annotate the PDF files

The library window column headings (display fields) e.g.  Author, Year, Title etc. can be dragged to reposition as desired.

You can also hide the Search or Groups panels.      

Mark references and apply ratings

In your EndNote library you can mark your references as read or unread by simply clicking on the grey dot.   Image to show read/unread referencesThe read reference will no longer appear in bold. If you have the reference open use this icon Icon for read/unread references

If you do not want your unread references to appear in bold in your library window you can adjust this option in your preferences. 
Go to Edit (Mac users: EndNote X8 or Command +,) >Preferences...>Read/Unread and uncheck the box Show unread references in bold text.

On the reference tab the Rating field can be set to show or not to show as required - use this drop down menu  Icon for rating field or empty fields  to Show Rating Field or Show empty fields.

You can also rate your references.  Highlight your reference then click on the dots in the Rating column to create your own star rating. Rating stars