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EndNote X8: Adding references

Referencing software

Adding references manually

At the References menu choose New Reference or Command + N or this icon

Choosing a reference type

Use the drop down menu at Reference Type to choose the type of reference you require. The default option is set at Journal Article. Different reference types will show different fields.

Inserting information for a reference

There are different ways to populate the Author field:

  • Enter surname or family name first  followed by a comma and then the first name(s) or initial(s) 
       e.g. Robinson, Arthur William or Robinson, A W. 
  • No punctuation is required if you enter the first name followed by the surname or family name
       e.g. Arthur Robinson  
  • For corporate authors place a comma at the end of the name
       e.g. The Department of Agriculture,
  • Enter every new author on a separate line
  • Use correct capitalisation when entering author information
  • It is only necessary to fill the fields required for your referencing style 
  • Use the TAB key to move to the next field

Saving a reference

To close, click on the red X at the top left corner of the window. Click Save 

Previewing your reference

Highlight your reference and click on the Preview tab to view how your reference appears in your selected style. 

Editing your reference

You can edit in the Reference tab without having to open and close the reference. The changes are saved when you click on another reference. 

You can also add references to your library through direct export and by using the Catalogue and Online search.