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EndNote X8: Getting started

Referencing software

What is EndNote?

EndNote is a software application for storing, managing, searching and sharing your references. EndNote's main function is creating a  bibliography with the choice of many different styles.

Please note you still have to check that the references are displaying correctly in the chosen style.

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Download EndNote X8

(For Australian based Curtin staff and students only)

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Note: When prompted install updates

EndNote help

Important notice for Mac users

Please note that Word for Mac version 16.9 is not compatible with any version of EndNote at the moment.

Affected users will get the message: “Word was unable to load an add-in. Your add-in isn’t compatible with this version of Word. Please contact the add-in provider for an update.”
One solution is to downgrade to an earlier version of Word until the problem is resolved. Instructions to do so can be found here

Did you know this about EndNote? April 2018

Very Important

You should always unformat citations before cutting or pasting any text containing EndNote formatted citations.  Failure to do this may cause your document to scramble.  You can work with an unformatted document most of the time, and from time to time click "Update Citations and Bibliography" and then unformat again.  This will avoid a lot of problems with EndNote and Word!

EndNote workshop and training

The library offers two different EndNote workshops:

  • Getting Started with EndNote
  • EndNote Extras & EndNote Online

See our workshop schedule for details.