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Visualisation and Interactive Media: Tools

This guide contains resources on visualisation and other interactive media.


 Tableau Public

Download this free tool to create, embed and share interactive graphs, maps and tables using your own data. The website contains a gallery of visualisations on a variety of topics such as sports, social media, media etc.



 Pictochart can help you create infographics, reports, posters and presentations. It also allows you to publish and share your creations.



 This tool allows you to create and customize scatter, line, bar, area, box, heatmap and  histogram visualisations using your own data. You can export and share your work.



 An interactive visualisation and exploration platform for all kinds of networks  and complex systems, dynamic and hierarchical graphs.




 This tool helps you create beautiful engaging data visualisation in minutes!  



 Explore global data and trends through interactive, time-based maps and graphs. This covers  major aspects of global development such as Environment, Health, Gender, Demography and  more.



 ABS TableBuilder

ABS TableBuilder is an online tool designed to create tables using Census data. 



CartoDB is the easiest way to map and analyse your location data.

Other tools and software

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