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Event Management: Journals & databases

In this guide you will find many resources to help you with your study and research in the field of Event Management. There are also a range of learning tools that will allow you to develop your research and study skills. Use the tabs above to find boo

Scholarly, peer reviewed?

A peer reviewed journal contains articles that, before being accepted for publishing, are reviewed and approved by a panel of experts in the same subject area as the articles' authors. 

Similar terms used for these types of journals are: refereed, scholarly and academic.

Still not clear?  Check out the YouTube videos below:

Why use library databases

Helpful tutorials

Before you start searching for books or articles, see the interactive tutorial:

Analysing your assignment topic

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Journals & databases

Journal databases are huge, searchable, up-to-date indexes of journal references.

They help you to find high quality, up-to-date journal articles that have been published by respected publishers and publications. 

If you have been asked to find scholarly articles for your assignment, you will need to search a database.

View the YouTube video Understanding Databases for more information.

Journals are similar to magazines in that they are published regularly (e.g. monthly).

Articles in journals are more in-depth and well-researched than magazine articles. They are written by experts in a particular field of study, and are based on the author's research.

Most of the library's journal articles are accessed electronically through the journal databases.

To learn more about searching for journals and journal articles, see the Using the library catalogue LibGuide.


Searching the library catalogue for peer-reviewed journal articles

  • Type your keywords in the catalogue search box and click on 'search'.

Depending on your topic, you may retrieve a very large number of results that are likely to include books, journals, audio visual material and more.

  • From the facets list on the left hand side, click on the Articles link under the heading Refine My Results. You will now only have articles in your results list.
  • For peer-reviewed articles, select this option under Show Only.
  • To refine your search further, use the other facets as required, e.g. refine by year, author, etc.
  • To access an article, click on the blue Online resource link. 
  • Before you are redirected to the article, you may be required to enter your Curtin credentials if you are not already logged on.

Watch this screencast to see an example: Click on the Full Screen icon for best viewing.