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The following websites provide access to free online video content:

You may link or embed videos from online websites, as long as the video content is legitimate (i.e. uploaded with permission of the copyright owner). You should never link to illegal content as this may be interpreted as facilitating or authorising a copyright infringement.

Terms of Use

It is always a good idea to check website Terms of Use when using any online content. Website Terms of Use often prohibit making copies of videos, e.g. YouTube and Vimeo. For these websites, you may screen content in a live classroom situation but you must ensure you do not record the video content in iLectures as this may be considered 'copying' the video. Lecturers should edit out the video or pause the recording while the video plays and as an alternative provide a link or embed the video in Blackboard for student access.

Creative Commons

Some online videos are made available under an open licence, such as Creative commons. In these cases, you may copy and share the material subject to the Creative commons licence attached to the video. For example, TED talks are available under a CC BY-NC-ND licence which means you may copy and share the video as long as you attribute the source (BY), the use is for non-commercial purposes (NC) and you do not make a derivative work by modifying or adapting the video content (ND).

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