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Indigenous Australian Education: APA Referencing

What is referencing?

When you write an assignment or essay, it is very important to acknowledge the source of anyone else's ideas that you have used or mentioned in your work.

You need to reference the direct quotations, facts and figures, as well as the ideas and theories that you use.

The reader is then able to find the original source of the information to check it or follow up a point. For more information, check out our i-tutorial on Understanding referencing.

There are different 'styles' of referencing. Find style guides and examples for APA 6th ed, Chicago 16B Author-Date, Vancouver, and the Australian Guide to Legal Citation in our Referencing Guide

Please note

It is very important that you check your department or school's assignment guide as some details, eg. punctuation, may vary from the guidelines we provide. All referencing queries should be addressed to the appropriate lecturer or supervisor. You may be penalised for not conforming to your school's requirements.

Guide to referencing at Curtin

Step 1: Does your school have its own Referencing guide?

Before you start your assignment, check with your school and/or lecturer to see if they have a guide for you to use.

Step 2: Check with your lecturer/tutor

If you are using Curtin's Referencing guide but are unsure of a particular citation, we advise that you check with your lecturer/tutor.  After all, they are the ones marking your work!

Step 3:  Consult a style manual or guide

The library holds copies of the various publication manuals including the APA style guide to electronic references, Chicago Manual of Style and more. You can find these and other similar resources by searching through the library catalogue.

We also suggest you watch a short video 'Understanding Referencing' and consult our Referencing LibGuide which supports the following styles:

                     APA 6th-edition                          Chicago Author-Date 16th-ed   

                     Vancouver                                     Aust Guide to Legal Citation (AGLC)

Step 4:  Ask for help

If after following the above steps, you still need assistance with referencing, please contact us.

APA 6th-ed style

We have created an APA style guide for Curtin students. The guide provides many examples of how to reference books, articles, websites and more.

You can access the APA guide  from the Referencing LibGuide, which is accessible from the library homepage.