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Edu 4001 - Professional Learning and Development in Education: Find journal articles

This guide has been created for education students undertaking the unit Edu-4001.

Journals & databases

Journals are similar to magazines in that they are published regularly (e.g. monthly).

Articles in journals are more in-depth and well-researched than magazine articles. They are written by experts in a particular field of study, and are based on the author's research.

Most of the library's journal articles are accessed electronically through the library databases.

Journal databases are huge, searchable, up-to-date indexes of journal references.

Databases help you to find high quality, up-to-date journal articles that have been published by respected publishers and publications.

If you have been asked to find scholarly articles for your assignment, you will need to search a database.

A peer reviewed journal contains articles that, before being accepted for publishing, are reviewed and approved by a panel of experts in the same subject area as the articles' authors. Similar terms used for these types of journals are: refereed, scholarly and academic.

The library catalogue and many journal databases allow you to limit your search to only include these types of journals. And Ulrichsweb is a directory to check whether journals are refereed.



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Searching databases


These videos will help expand your understanding of databases and show you how to search effectively.


It is important that you spend some time creating a search strategy before attempting to search a library database. 

This will help you formulate a string of search terms that can be combined effectively to enhance your search. So check out the following resources.

The following videos show you how to specifically search the ERIC database.

A Thesaurus is an index of the preferred subject headings used to describe the content of an item. These subject headings are also known as Descriptors

Using a thesaurus is an effective way of searching databases - as you are using the language of the database. 

Check-out the followingThesaurus below for more detailed information on how to use the ERIC thesaurus.

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