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EndNote X7.7: Sharing

Referencing software

Page contents

This page tells you how to:



  • use a travelling library
  • merge libraries
  • share your library with others
  • convert documents to a different version of Word


The Travelling Library

Each formatted citation in your Word document has full reference information embedded in the field codes. The document contains a ‘travelling library’ of the references cited. This travelling library allows you to collaborate with other authors working on the same document without each author having the same EndNote library.

To export references from a Word document to an EndNote library, send your Word document as an email attachment to your collaborator who can then follow the instructions below to use the travelling library.

Open the Word document received. On the EndNote toolbar, click on the CWYW Tools down arrow and select Export Traveling Library. Select your EndNote library and then OK.


  • The reference data saved with each citation includes all fields except Notes, Abstract and Figure.
  • Do not unformat the document you receive if you do not have the original references in your library.
  • The travelling library only operates if you are collaborating with someone using the same version of Word.

Merging Libraries

You can merge libraries by either importing one library into another or copy references from one library to another. The newly added references will be assigned new record numbers in the order that they are added to the library. This means that a reference that was #23 in a smaller library could become #600 in a larger library.

Open the Endnote library you want your references imported  into. From the File menu, select  Import…  Navigate to the required library. At Import Options: select EndNote library. At Duplicates select Discard Duplicates and then select the library you want to merge and click Import.

Note: Before merging libraries, it is a good idea to make a backup copy of the library into which you are transferring references.

Multiple users using one library

An EndNote library can be set up for shared network access.

EndNote does not perform record locking functions that would allow multiple users to edit one library at the same time. However, multiple users can access one EndNote library simultaneously as long as the library is restricted to read-only or locked status. This will allow users to perform searches, copy information to their documents, and format their papers. 

One person should be assigned the responsibility for maintaining and updating the library at a separate location; this user should be granted full access to the file. This person will grant all other users read-only access. Then, periodically post the updated library on the network for all other users, with read-only access.

The simplest way to set up an EndNote library for shared network access is to use the network’s system of file permissions to control the type of access allowed for users and groups. To change to read only access, locate the .ENL file and the .DATA folder in Windows Explorer, right hand click on .ENL file and click on Properties. Select the Read-Only attribute.