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EndNote X7.7: Saving your library

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This page tells you:

  • how to save your library
  • open a compressed library

Saving and restoring a compressed copy of a library

You can save your whole library, or part of it, as a compressed file so that you can:

  • make a back-up copy 
  • email to a colleague 
  • work between different computers

To save a compressed library file in your USB:

  • Go to File menu and select Compressed Library (.enlx).
  • In the dialogue box that appears,  you can choose to either Create the compressed library or Create & Email it.
  • Choose other options as required. 
  • Click Next and save it at your desired location. 
  • If you selected the Create & Email option, your default email system will be launched with the compressed library file attached to it.

To restore your compressed library file:

  • Find the saved library. Notice the library has an .enlx file extension indicating that it is a compressed library.
  • Open your library. Notice the library now has an .enl file extension indicating that it has been uncompressed.
  • You can now continue to add references whether you are on the same computer or working on a computer in a different location.

 Working between different computers


  • You have your library on your home computer
  • You are now at University and you have added some references into a new EndNote library.
  • You have saved this library as a compressed file (see above) to your USB
  • Back on your home computer you can merge your library on the USB into your home library. 
  • Open the .enlx file on your USB (this will split into a .enl library and a .Data folder)
  • To merge
    • Open your home library
    • From the File menu, select  Import and File
    • At Import File: click on Choose… and navigate to the EndNote library on your USB and choose .enl file
    • Click Open
    • At Import Option: have EndNote Library selected.
    • At Duplicates select Discard Duplicates and then click on Import.


Backing up with EndNote